VALCO photoshoot - Isa-Bella Leclair featuring medi stockings

29 November, 2016

Isa-Bella Leclair  is a young women from New Brunswick, born with Parkes-Weber syndrome, a genetic disorder that has caused  lymphedema in one leg.

Isa-Bella is a confident women and insists that ‘’ my condition does not define me’’ I am born this way, accept me!  Last year she participated in a beauty contest in her province of New Brunswick and won.  We found out that she  wanted to be a model, and since  her message  was so empowering and asked her to take part in a photo shoot. Isa Bella is now the image on our Medi Lymphedema posters.

In a world where every one of us is concerned with our body image,  Isa-Bella is confident and proud, she is inspiring !

Watch the video, share her message, raise   awareness for lymphedema. click here